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Thank you for your interest in EVEREST restorations from Paragon Dental Studio.  We firmly believe you will feel like you have found the best product for your lab.  Our fee's are competitive but our quality is much higher than the competition.

We have provided a Credit Card Form- printable form noted below. The Prescription form , preparation guides and any variety of marketing pamphlets/ brochures will be mailed to you at your request.

You can be assured that the advanced technology of the KaVo EVEREST System offers uniformly excellent results that your patients will appreciate.
Frequently asked questions?
1.)  What cases are suitable for KaVo EVEREST milled frameworks and any other milling requirements?
      a.) Deep chamfer prep must meet specifications stipulated by EVEREST prep guide. (We will
           provide guides) PLEASE follow guide closely.  The more accurate the prep and margins
           are more accurate the results will be.
       b.) Any abutment/pontic configuration as long as there is a proper path of insertion.
       c.) Try to prevent undercuts. Please do all necessary blocking out prior to sending case.
       d.) The more precise the preparation and margins are the more accurate the scanning and results will be.
       e.) Cases need to be packed and cushioned tightly in a good shipping box to prevent any breakage.
2.)  What needs to be sent to Paragon Dental Studios Milling Center?
      a.) A properly completed prescription form with the final restoration shade.
      b.) A working pindexed model, peach, ivory or beige die stone are good for best
           scanning results.  The die only needs to be blocked out with NO die spacer or margin markings.
      c.) A bite registration.
      d.) Articulated models. For Denar send only the models mounted on the mounting
           plates.  All other cases will need to have an articulator with the case, unless case is
           able to be easily hand articulated.
3.)  What is the shipping policy?
      a.) We will pay for the return of the case, but the reception of the case to us is your
      b.) We generally use UPS, and we return cases with 2 day shipping term. Cases that
           are shipped within the state of Florida only take 1 day and that is under the ground
           shipping term.
      c.) Any cases that need to be shipped under a rush situation at your request and   
           need to be shipped under a next day term, will be performed at your expense.
      d.) Any cases that are lost by shipping carrier and have an official tracking code will
           not be the expense of Paragon Dental Studio unless insurance for product is
       e.) For any other needs or shipping request, please contact us, so we can arrange to
            your convenience.
4.)  What is the  ( IN LAB TIME SCHEDULE ) ?
     a.) We say ( IN LAB TIME SCHEDULE ) to define the time case needs to be in our lab for
          fabrications of requested product.
     b.) EVEREST frames, copings and abutments ( 3 to 4 days IN LAB TIME )
     c.) EVEREST extensive bridge work. ( 4 to 5 days IN LAB TIME )
     d.) E-Max pressed 3 unit bridges and copings ( 3 to 4 days IN LAB TIME )
     e.) ESTHETIC pressed veneers - wax, we press ( 3 to 4 IN LAB TIME )
      f.) ETA ( estimated time of arrival ) Calculate the time case will take to arrive to us. 
          If you are out of state and you choose to send it ground, the time it will take is a only
          a guestimate. It is better to choose a guaranteed time of delivery by a carrier. Then
          add the IN LAB TIME + the 2 day return shipping. This will give you your total time  
          of delivery to time of return.
5.)  What type of payment do we accept?
      a.) We ask that you please provide a credit card number for us to keep on file. 
           We will charge your month end statement balance against your card each month. A
           receipt for the charge will be sent back to you immediately after card has been
       b.) We do accept checks, but we still need your credit card on file for our own
       c.) Please fill out the below credit form.